Five Things to Avoid When Renting a Car – Economy Car Hire

Economy car hire may look like a great service which actually it is but there are some simple things you need to be careful about as a first time car hire renter. Remembering these tips will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

1: Do not leave it until the last minute. Be proactive. If you already know the dates you need a car be proactive and check well before hand. You may find great deals if you book in advance. By doing this, you may also find economy car hire centers just a bit further from the airport which are cheaper, or that your hotel or flight package includes car hire.

2: Do not forget to take a photo of any previous damage done to the car. Also, take a photo of the mileage completed before you take over the car. This can be submitted as proof of liability if anything should happen like a scrape or an accident. The mileage photo helps with any disputes later on.

3: Avoid parking in compromising areas. Although it may be fun to drive a car which is not your own (i.e. fast and furious) it’s a different matter when choosing a place to park it. Many regretful renters have found themselves paying for the damages caused by other drivers or pedestrian traffic. Try not to park on a main street or too close to other vehicles.

4:  You should not forget to check your insurance. Check with your current car insurance agency whether they cover you for rental car coverage. Most should and it could save you the extra expense.

Tip 5:  Never leave filling the petrol/gas tank to the last minute. Remember to estimate the time it takes to refill the petrol/gas tank before handing back the car. Economy car hire centers will charge you extra if the car is returned with a less than full tank. A worse case scenario may be a missed transport connection (i.e. plane, train or bus) if you had not allocated enough time to refill the petrol tank.


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